Prof. Lee Koren PhD

Principal Investigator

Devorah Matas PhD

Lab Manager

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Graduate Students

Alex Alaman

Arabian babbler sociality

Ruth Fishman

The relationship between multiple paternity and uterine horn location in the invasive nutria model

Amy Clare Fontaine

Does countersinging generate honesty in rock hyrax?

Maya Levhar

Effect of green areas on maternal cortisol and fetal outcome

Hen Naor

Sex differences in wild gerbil risk-taking behaviour

hennaorr9 (at)

Kelly Pollard

Wild Arabian babbler sociality and the HPA axis

Jaimie Simmons

linking group cohesion and survival with glucocorticoids

Hunter Warick

Rock hyrax sperm quality and social status

Ariel Yael

The effect of the intrauterine position on sex differences in fetal nutria brain steroids and their receptors

arielbraner95 (at)

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Veterinary Students

Stav Schnaiderman

Hyrax sperm characteristics

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Mustafa Asfur

MSc thesis: The effect of testosterone on reproductive success and survival in free-living Baluchistan gerbils (Gerbillus nanus)

Liat Arnon

MSc thesis: The relationship between pregnant women's hair testosterone and pregnancy outcome

Gal Frydman

MSc thesis: Rock hyrax ultrasonic vocalizations

Efrat Koresh

Vet project: Experimental elevation of wildlife testosterone using silastic tube implants

Nataly Navon

MSc thesis: Characterizing the immune response of transition dairy cows exposed to heat stress (@ Dr. Maya Zachut's Lab in Volcani)

Shani Sarid

MSc thesis: Sex differences in the effect of testosterone on risk-taking behavior in Gerbillus nanus

Inbar Schnitzer

MSc thesis: Aspects of sociality, motherhood and testosterone in female rock hyrax (Procavia capensis)

Anat Schonblum

MSc thesis: The association between endogenous steroids, ambient temperature, and pregnancy outcomes in a prospective cohort

Yishai Weissman

PhD thesis: Rock hyrax snorts

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