Dr. Erin Kane, Dr. Amiyaal Ilany, and Dr. Lee Koren: Long-Term Animal Research Seminar Series

Long-Term Animal Research Seminar Series (open)

These small mammals snort to a different tune

Scientific American (Open)

The Union Journal (Open)

Dr. Lee Koren speaks about her research and becoming a researcher (Hebrew)

Department of science teaching (Open)

Dr. Lee Koren speaks against hyrax culling (Hebrew)

Galei Israel: Menachem Horowitz's show (Open)

Kan 11: Erev Erev (from 54:33 min) (Open)

Testosterone in ancient hair from an extinct species

Nature (Open)

Ha'aretz (Open)

Complex PTSD and its correlates amongst female Yazidi victims of sexual jihad residing in post-ISIS camps (in Hebrew)

Ma'ariv (Open)

An interview with Dr. Koren about the lab's research techniques and how implementing them helps the environment (in Hebrew)

תוכנית רדיו מרתקת שמתמקדת בתכנים של יום העיון השנתי לזכר אורנה אשד ז״ל, בקצרין. בערך סביב דקה 40:20 לי מספרת לזוהר על שיטות המחקר במעבדה, ועל ישומן בשמירת טבע

Svivenu (Open)

Corticosterone in chameleon claws

Atlas of Science (Open)

Heavily hunted wolves have higher stress and reproductive steroids than wolves with lower hunting pressure

Psychology Today (Open)

Vancouver Sun (Open)

Times Colonist (Open)

Science Mag (Open)

The Scientist (Open)

CBC News (Open)

Male hyraxes increase song complexity and duration in the presence of alert individuals

WIRED Science (Open)

Feather concentrations of testosterone, corticosterone, and cortisol are associated with over-winter survival in wild house sparrows.

Journal of Experimental Biology (Open)

Variance in centrality within rock hyrax social network predicts adult longevity

WIRED Science (Open)

Complex call in male rock hyrax (Procavia capensis): a multi-information distributing channel

The Economist (Open)

Elevated testosterone levels and social ranks in female rock hyrax

Discovery Channel (Open)

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